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Points to be aware of when completing form.

*Upload pictures-the MLS requires at least one (1) exterior picture of the home when listing a property. Not to worry, If the home has been listed on a MLS previously we can pull picture(s) from those old listings.So the picture upload is not required to submit this form. If for some reason we are unsuccesful pulling the archive photo we will contact you for a picture.

**Link to home pictures-Maybe you love taking pictures of homes as much as we do and you already have an online album with home pictures. GREAT! just paste the link here and we will download the pictures and insert on your listing

List Terms-Commission-When a home is listed on a MLS it is a contractual offering between the listing broker (VIE) and a broker who may bring a buyer. The commission you as the seller agree to pay VIE (your listing broker) is split with the buyers broker. For example 6% sellers commission to VIE, VIE then splits it and pays half or 3% to the buyers broker.Call or email  with questions.

Upon submission of the form these mandatory documents to accompany listing will be emailed to you for your digital signature. Which will complete the listing process

Lead Based Paint Disclosure

Sellers Disclosure

Agency Agreement

Listing Agreement

Terms Defined

Seller Disclosure
A Seller Disclosure is a document provided by a home seller to a home buyer that outlines known issues with a property and other historical details.
A seller disclosure often includes details about defective appliances or systems, known repair issues or history of leaks or environmental contamination.
Most states have seller disclosure laws that require certain disclosures be made by the seller of real estate.

Lead Based Paint Disclosure

24 CFR Part 35 Subpart A—Disclosure of Known Lead-Based Paint and/or Lead-Based Paint Hazards Upon Sale or Lease of Residential Property Source: 61 FR 9082, Mar. 6, 1996, unless otherwise noted. Re-designated at 64 FR 50201, Sept. 15, 1999. § 35.80 Purpose. This subpart implements the provisions of 42 U.S.C. 4852d, which impose certain requirements on the sale or lease of target housing. Under this subpart, a seller or lessor of target housing shall disclose to the purchaser or lessee the presence of any known lead-based paint and/or leadbased paint hazards; provide available records and reports; provide the purchaser or lessee with a lead hazard information pamphlet; give purchasers a 10-day opportunity to conduct a risk assessment or inspection; and attach specific disclosure and warning language to the sales or leasing contract before the purchaser or lessee is obligated under a contract to purchase or lease target housing.